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Challenge is beautiful! Challenge is playful!
Dear fellow athletes who have cultivated your athletic skills for a long time, we wish you to compete with athletes from all over the world and make friends at World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor Daegu 2017 to be held in March 2017.

Overview of Championships

Official Name
World Masters Athletics Championships indoor Daegu 2017
Come, Run, Enjoy it
19th (SUN) – 25th (SAT) March 2017
(7 Days, Opening Ceremony – 19th March, Closing Ceremony – 25th March)
Daegu Athletics Promotion Center, Daegu Life Sports Center, Daegu Stadium Auxiliary Field, Suseong Family Park
Approximately 4,000 Athletes from 60 Countries / Women and Men of Age 35 and Over
22 Events (Track: 9, Field: 7, Outdoor: 6, Same for Women and Men)
Track Events (9) Field Events (7) Outdoor Events (6)
60m, 60mH, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m,
3000m, 4x200mR, 3000m Track Race Walk
High Jump, Pole Vault, Long Jump,
Triple Jump, Shot Put, Weight,
Hammer, Javelin, Discus,
10km Race Walk,8km Cross Country,
Half Marathon
Daegu Metropolitan City, Korean Olympic Committee
Korea Association of Athletics Federations, Daegu Sports Council
Features of Championships
  • The only athletics competition that an athlete pays all expenses relating to participation
    (travel expense, accommodation cost and registration fee)
  • Economic event held by registration fee only, without cash prizes
    (a medal for the first, second and third ranker and an award certificate for the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth ranker)
  • Contribution to activation of the local economy with local tours and shopping by participating athletes and their family

History of Promotion

  • Decided Daegu as the host city of 2017 WMA Indoor Championships at the General Meeting in Brazil: October 2013
  • Dispatched representatives and athletes to overseas championships (25 for WMA, Hungary and 5 AMA, Japan): March and September 2014
  • Hosted the First National Masters Indoor Athletics Championships (as a rehearsal): November 2014
  • Established a basic plan for World Masters Athletics Championships Indoor Daegu 2017: May 2015
  • Dispatched representatives and athletes to World Masters Athletics Championships Lyon 2015 (total 19): August 2015
  • Hosted the Second National Masters Indoor Athletics Championships (as a rehearsal): November 2015