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Visa Options

  • There is a variety of visa options available when visiting Republic of Korea. These are general guide to common visa options for those participating in a sporting event in Republic of Korea.
  • The appropriate visa will depend on your intended length of stay in Republic of Korea. In general, this general guide follows “up to 90 days visa types”
  • All visitors in Republic of Korea must have a valid visa to travel to and enter Republic of Korea (except for the people who are from countries under visa exemption agreement).
  • More general visa information is available on the Korea Visa Portal ( ), and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (

Visa Types

Amateur sports people who will not receive any prize money, volunteer support staff whose usual occupation is unrelated to the sporting activity and spectators may apply for Short-Term General(C-3-1) and Ordinary Tourist(C-3-9) visa to participate in an event/s for up to three months (90 days).

Short-Term General(C-3-1)

  • A person who plans to stay for a short period of time on the purpose of visiting relatives, investing in public business, participating in a non-official sport games, attending events or meetings, performing cultural art, engaging in a training, taking lessons, attending a religious ceremony, collecting documents for academic research, or any other equivalent activities.

Ordinary Tourist (C-3-9)

  • A person who plans to visit Korea on the purpose of travel for holidays or leisure

Visa Application Process

By e-Form (Visa)

  • e-form is a way an applicant can fill out an electronic visa application form online and submit it to the Visa Portal before he/she visits a Korean diplomatic mission in his/her country of residence.
  • Applicable Status of Stay for e-Form includes 90 days or less single-entry visas for eligible applicants of C-1 Short-term News Coverage (C-1), Short-Term General (C-3), and Short-Term Employee (C-4) status of stay for competitors, professional support staffs, and spectators.
  • Visit for registration
  • Application Procedure through e-Form registration
    Send e-form
    Submission of Application at the Diplomatic Office & Payment
    Reception & Review
    Visa Issuance
  • Required Documents can be found on the site